CPP-T Potato Harvestors feature a hardened vibrating digging plow share with adjustable digging depth that
conveys the potatos and soil onto a vibrating sieve grid. This separates the potatos from the soil and deposits
them in an easy to access single cut row.
Perfect for the small producer, the CPP-T Single Row Potator Harvestor is a reliable and inexpensive way to
get your potato crop out of the field. Optimimized for use behind smaller tractors, this unit gently extracts
your potatos from the ground without bruising.
This is a “Must Have” for the organic potato grower, small producer, and serious gardener alike.
Standard Features Include:
– Hardened Long Life Digging Share
– Adjustable and Removeable Guage Wheels
– Single Lever Depth Adjustment

Spedo CPP-T Single Row Potato Harvestor Specifications