MF 11 – 75 Super Bale Wrapper

9f18c9c956a4121e1563c205fc39441bSimple to operate and designed with cost effective bale wrapping and maximum productivity in mind, the Unifarm Model MF – 75 Super offers an affordable alternative that is perfect for small to medium size farming operations.

All wrapper functions are controlled by a four lever hydraulic distributor including the film cutting & tying. The tilting turntable allows for very low bale unloading without the need of a rear unloading platform. Turntable rotation is automatically stopped at the correct position to allow for proper unloading. Alignment of all three driven belts is assured thanks to roller guides for even bale rotation during the wrapping operation. Two centering cones also keep the bale in correct position during wrapping.

Unifarm Machinery Bale Wrapper can be an asset on anyone’s farming operation.

You may download a copy of our complete specs if you have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not, you may download a copy here:


 MF 11 – 75 Super Bale Wrapper Specifications